Prof. Hojo (hojo_professor) wrote,
Prof. Hojo

Log #2

The past months have been rather uneventful. Nothing of importance has appeared in research, aside from some rather fascinating observances of the Specimen 13. My findings do not seem to interest my lower assistants, all of which seem to be more interested in downloading pornographic movies into the lab computers than doing their jobs.

Vacation was nice. One doesn't realize how nice the beaches are this time of year, despite the absolutely horrendous number of tourists out at this time. The ladies were also very nice company, if I might say so myself.

No luck with taming the damned chocobo so it may guard the laboratory entrance as of yet. The constant visits from Elena never cease to amaze me, and Reno is as annoying as ever he was before, among other things as well.

I have not aquired my coffee machine in the last months.
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